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    Directions by train:

Outside the airport you can get a taxi to the train station for about 15 euros 10 (local council laws do not allow them to charge any more than this) always confirm the price before hand.

At the airport virtually opposite the arrivals doors there is a ticket machine for the bus, which will take you to the bus or train station (it has an English language facility). Choose the urban ticket, (approx. 1 Euro) and leave by the arrivals doors, outside there will be a bus stop, the buses run every 10–15 mins. Ask the bus driver for the Station Central and if he can tell you when to get off.

You will have to verify your ticket by getting it stamped in a machine positioned somewhere on the bus (this varies according to the bus). The bus will turn out of the airport left onto the main road and goes straight for about 10-15 mins passing through the city center as you come out of the center on the left hand side of the road you will see a sign for Stazione Central, get off the bus and cross the road at the traffic lights (Italians do not tend to stop for zebra crossings) and head for the bus station, walk through the bus station heading towards the big tall glass building behind it, this is the train station.

Enter the station and you will have the ticket office on your left where you can ask for a ticket to Alba Adriatica or you can use one of the self service ticket machines again which is also in English, follow the instructions your destination is Alba Adriatica but the ticket machine looks for “BA Alba Adriatica –nereto-contreguerra” you may have to use the “other” button on the screen when searching for this as it does not come under what you may think it should. It will come up with various train times, choose one, collect your ticket from the machine and then go to the departures board situated at the end of the train station.

Your train normally is heading for Ancona - make sure it is a regional train that will stop at all the local stations and is not direct to Ancona. Check that if your train time was, for example, 2.15 and the train for Ancona is 2.15 it should be the correct train. “Benario” is the word for platform so look at the number ie. 6 proceed to the relevant platform check with the staff that it is the correct “benario” for the train to Alba Adriatica, if it is again you have to verify your ticket by inserting it into a small machine on the wall on the platform.

When the train arrives get on near the front as not all the stations have long enough platforms to get off onto. The train will stop at numerous beach resorts on the way as you get to Gulia Nova get ready to get off, the next stop is Tortoretto and then Alba Adriatica. It is a small station but does have taxis outside, your destination is Via Verona, look for the yellow block of apartments go to the block on the left hand side and it is situated on the first floor - number 12.