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Civitella del Tronto  

Civitella del Tronto
Civitella del Tronto, a little but fascinating town with its noteworthy history along the rivers Vibrata and Salinello.

The views of the Mountains Laga, Gran Sasso and "dei Fiori", where the Vibrata river has its origins, are breathtaking. The symbol of Civitella is its fortress belonging to the Borboni family; which you can visit.

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The fortress was built around the year 1000 and strengthened in the 1400s, being the final Bourbon outpost to surrender to the emergent Kingdom of Italy in 1861, after a lengthy siege.

The village is enhanced by numerous churches in the old centre and the surrounding area, including: San Francesco, Santa Maria dei Lumi, San Lorenzo and the Abbey of Mount Santo.

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  Piazza civi d tronto