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Places of interest

Although the beach at Alba has enough for you to do, you may want to explore the regions small historic towns with their piazzas, churches and winding streets or stop for a coffee or ice cream in one of the many cafe bars and just watch the day go by.

Tortereto Alto is only 10 mins away and is ideal for relaxing with a coffee whilst admiring the historic medieval town or taking in the great sea views. Just over an hour away is the hilltop town of Lorretto which is a famous place of pilgrimage.

The region has such a varied history, and so many interesting places to visit, that it seems never a day goes by without finding somewhere new to explore. See below for an overview of some of our most favourite places:

> Lorretto

> Caropoli

> Civitella

> Colonnella

> National Park

> Nereto

> Onda-blu

> Sant Omero

> Teramo

> Tortoreto

As you drive around these places you will be passing through one of Abbruzzo’s many national parks, why not stop to admire the views.

For family fun you also have the water park at Torteretto Lido a 10 min drive away.