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Lago di fibreno

National Park of Abruzzo
The rocky mountain Gran Sasso will fascinate you with its wide beech-tree wood being a desired destination of those who love nature: ramblers, mountaineers and skiers. To hike the Gran Sasso means to discover a pure nature and the deep seated traditions and habits of the Abruzzo region.

The "Laga Mountains" are less known but not less fascinating and astonishing: they are more gentle and rich of water; here you may admire the falls of Morricana, Volpara and Barche.

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Discover bears' footprints in the woods, see the tracks of wolves in the snow, catch sight of chamois and admire the wild flowers in spring, these are only some of the fascinating things you could do in the National Park of Abruzzo.

The landscape of this park is characterised by the changing colours, flowers and the sudden appearance of animals living in this pure, uncontaminated and protected area. With the eagle flying above you, in the Maiella Park you will admire ancient signs such as antique villages, hermitages, inscriptions of the shepherds, brigands' bastions, tholost huts and beautiful caves like the Cavallone Caves and the Cenci Caves where important archeological finds dating back to the Stone Age have been discovered.

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Abruzzo National Park